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Emery Edgers offers the best paint trim tool available. If you would like to be able to paint without tape, then you need to have the right tool. The best paint edger makes painting edges effortless. The use of our paint edger produces amazing results even for the novice painter. When using the best edge paint brush on the market, you can easily create perfect edges in a very short period of time and the overall finish will look absolutely professional.

Watch Video Demonstrations

No other edger can achieve these results!

Demo 1 - Paint Edger Tool for Painting Edges

Demo 2 - Novice Painter Using Edger First Time

Demo 3 - Painting Edges Around A Vent

Demo 4 - Painting Edge Around Smoke Detector

Demo 5 - Painting Trim Where Other Edgers Fail


The problem with painting edges and trim:

Painting edges can be extremely tedious because of all the taping that is required, while still not achieving consistently straight lines. Then you decide to try an edging product on the market and find out the hard way they simply do not work. There are multiple problems with these edgers, and the end result leaves you with a gap between your paint line and trim. Not to mention a streaky paint finish that doesn’t match up with the rest of your paint job, as well as multiple messy mistakes that need to be fixed and cost you even more valuable time.

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The solution is a patent-protected innovative edging tool requiring no tape

Emery Edgers has developed a product that is incredibly simple, although amazingly effective. Simply open the shield, load the brush, and start painting those edges with ease. The learning curve is minimal, as any do-it-yourself painter is able to paint perfectly straight edges in minutes. Stop wasting your valuable time and banging your head against the wall with painter’s tape and gimmicky paint edgers! Check out our short videos below and watch how easy it is.


Our Reviews



Technique worker

I was very impressed with this tool. I have a word of advice for people. Many of the door frames and moldings in my house have a thin line of caulking embedded in the edge, and this edger creates such a close edge that paint was getting in the actual line of caulking. When paint gets in the caulking it can look a little spotty, so I had success by going back and forth with the brush a few more times than is probably normal. Basically, the caulking line just needed a bit more brushing to really coax that paint in there and create a solid edging line. I’m not sure if most people have this same amount of caulking in their edges, but this technique worked great for me if they do.



but it was easy to attach properly after reading the directions and watching ...

When I received this product, the edger wasn’t securely attached, had to adjust it and tighten myself. I’m not sure if it was supposed to be this way, but it was easy to attach properly after reading the directions and watching the video. It took me a little time to get used to painting with it, but after a short time it went really quick and was super easy. I can’t believe how fast I was able to paint my bedroom! This tool is amazing!



I purchased this edger and was amazed how well it worked

I purchased this edger and was amazed how well it worked. I’ve tried some of the other edgers and not one of them has been able to create a tight edge like this one, not to mention a very straight edge. Not even painters tape could have produced this good of an edge. There was definitely a learning curve because you need to paint in a very specific way, but didn’t take long to feel comfortable and paint quickly. I saw one negative review that claimed it left a gap between the edge and the paint. This reviewer either did not use the edger correctly, or is just straight up being untruthful. I’m guessing since this is a new product, other competitors are feeling threatened and have something to do with these ridiculously false reviews. Shameful!


C. Ka

Simplifies Painting Projects

I’m not a huge fan of painting. For sure my least favorite part is the prep work. When I saw this tool, I figured it was worth a shot if it would mean I didn’t have to tape off a bunch of stuff or risk messy edges. At this point I’ve only used it twice but it’s totally met or exceeded my expectations. I did watch the video tutorial which was super helpful for making sure I had the right setup, and then I went to work on my son’s bedroom. This edger totally transformed my painting experience. I’m not saying I’m now a huge fan of painting, but the fact that I can use this instead of doing a bunch of taping/protecting of surfaces just makes it so much simpler to take on a painting project. I ordered 2 more for my sisters since we all have house projects going on.



I didn't use one piece of tape and the results were amazing. I've used painter's tape on previous jobs and ...

Wow, finally a paint edger that actually works! Painted my daughter’s room in less than half a day, and that includes the primer coat. I didn’t use one piece of tape and the results were amazing. I’ve used painter’s tape on previous jobs and still did not get an edge this good. Definitely will be using this tool on all future paint jobs.



Great product! Super helpful!

Very cool product. Works as advertised and made the painting much easier.



Get’s It Done!

I attempted to use this on a pole to get to my tall ceilings, but it was a struggle. I think it was difficult because you have to really angle the brush over at a severe angle which is hard to do with a long pole. Giving this product a good review though because I used it on other trim work I had to do and was super happy with the results. The edge was very close, absolutely no gap whatsoever between the paint line and the trim. The brush was a very soft material and produced a smooth finish, almost looked like I had used a roller. This is a tool I will always use for now on when having to paint.


Richelle Carswell

Easy enough

I watched the videos for this edger and decided to give it a go.I was expecting there to be some hick ups, as it always seems like products look easy on video and then a different world when in your hands. I’m happy to say it worked exactly like it showed on the video, exactly! It was very easy to paint around things like plug outlets and vents etc. It also did a fantastic job on my doors and base boards. It painted right up to the edge,just like a professional job,unbelievable!



Ergonomic handle and soft bristles!!

I like that’s its small enough for those of us who have OCD for clean edge painting 🙂 The bristles are sooooo soft. I can’t wait to use it for my DIY projects at home!!



Great edger

I’m so happy with this edger, I decided to paint another room. It made things so much faster and stress free, that it motivated me to spruce up some more of my house. Why not when you don’t have to waste all of that time taping? Thank you!

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