All other paint edgers on the market are VERY LIMITED in what types of trim they can handle, which means you still have to tape A LOT of edges.  All other edgers are also VERY FLAWED, meaning they don’t produce a tight edge and they make many mistakes, which you then have to spend time fixing.  They can’t take care of thin molding, baseboard edges, popcorn ceilings, edges on textured drywall, uneven trim, vents, light switch plates, on and on.  Emery Edgers successfully handles ALL these areas with ease and makes absolutely no mistakes.  Don’t be fooled with paint roller edgers and pads.  They advertise as being faster, but in reality they end up taking longer than taping because they are so flawed.

The shield on the Emery Edger is incredibly thin, which enables the paint to reach all the way up against the trim.  Other edgers cannot get near enough to the trim because they have wheels which prevent the paint roller or pad from reaching the trim.

 Many edgers use some type of pad.  These pads become saturated very quickly and begin dripping everywhere, creating a huge mess on your trim and floors etc.  These wheels also very quickly get paint on them, which then transfers to the trim you are trying to keep clean. The Emery Edger uses a patented two-shield system, in which paint travels around the first shield, but then travels into a reservoir and is blocked from reaching the trim by the second shield.  This guarantees paint never gets on the trim.

The majority of paint edgers on the market can only attempt to take care of trim that is thick.  The reason for this is because they use wheels which need a surface to roll on, and that’s only possible to accomplish on thicker trim.  The Emery Edger is able to reach ANY trim because it is simply a matter of putting the tips of our very thin shield in the crease of the edge.

 Since Emery Edgers uses a traditional paintbrush, the shield simply follows along wherever the paint bristles travel.  So if there is a curve in the trim (such as with a circular smoke detector) the brush and shield simply follow along creating perfect edges.  No other edger tool on the market is capable of this type of performance.

 Yes, since the Emery Edger uses a traditional paintbrush the finish is consistent with the rest of your paint job.  Edgers which use pads can create very streaky finishes which look nothing like the rest of your paint job. 

Yes, if you have used a paintbrush before, you will have no problem operating the Emery Edger.  It is very important you follow the directions exactly, as you must hold the brush as directed, as well as paint at a very specific angle for best results.  In addition, it is very important the shield is attached properly to the paintbrush and you create a significant gap between the two shields.  Make sure to watch the video before painting.

Yes, the Emery Edger is manufactured with durable plastic and will function properly for multiple paint projects.  Be sure to clean well after each use.

Yes the Emery Edger is very easy to clean.  The best practice is to use very warm water and simply rub off the old paint.  The paint comes off very easily because we use a polypropylene plastic which is very slick.  Of course, make sure to wash the brush thoroughly as well.

The filler pads help keep the two shields separated at the correct distance, as well as soak up any residual paint that travels into the reservoir.  You will not achieve the best results unless you use the filler pads.  Although, you can also use a small folded up paper towel to achieve these same results.  If you decide to use a paper towel, make sure you shape it with the correct width and thickness necessary to maintain a ⅛ inch gap between the two shields.